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The Stactif Luxury App

The world's largest private marketplace is now within your reach

The Easiest Way To Book Luxury Vehicle

With the Stactif Luxury App, unlock our world-class marketplace of over 5,000 vehicles to explore the possibilities of private travel whenever you desire. Effortlessly browse options with real-time pricing and instantly book the vehicle that aligns with your travel needs.


Accessing our diverse fleet of private jets, cars, yachts, jet skis, and motorcycles, as well as our villas and chalets owned and managed by our partners, distributed across six categories, means traveling privately and experiencing something wonderful. With transparent pricing conveniently displayed in the app, you can swiftly assess the cost of your trip. Download the Stactif Luxury app for iOS or Android.


With our dynamic pricing model, the complete experience is now more cost-effective than ever. Our exclusive technology, combined with a fleet of vehicles as well as villas and chalets, ensures that you benefit from the best available pricing for all types of journeys, tailored to your specific travel dates and times.Download the Stactif Luxury app for iOS or Android.


Whether you're planning to travel in a few days or next month, experience the freedom to travel privately with Stactif Luxury at your convenience, aboard the vehicles as well as in the villas and chalets of your choice. Optimize your journey by considering the latest luxury cars or yachts.Download the Stactif Luxury app for iOS or Android.

Enjoy !

Arrive at the airport of your choice only 20 minutes before your selected departure time for your Stactif Luxury private flight. Sit back and enjoy our world-class service as you journey to your chosen destination, landing at one of over 1000 accessible airports. Download the Stactif Luxury app for iOS or Android.

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