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Stactif Membership program

Welcome to our exclusive world, where the extraordinary becomes accessible with our VIP and Diamond members. Explore the extraordinary benefits awaiting you as a privileged member, unlocking unique access to exceptional opportunities

Unlock even more access

Elegance and Privileges

Take advantage of a reduced initiation fee, lower capped hourly rates, as a VIP member, you step into a realm of refinement and privileged connections. Enjoy two exclusive events annually, where the delight of exquisite dining merges with exclusive networking opportunities. Slash your reservation fees on our platform, saving with every transaction. You deserve the best, which is why the cost of this prestigious subscription is 5.000€ for the first year and only 4.000€  in subsequent years. Elevate your experience today by becoming a VIP.e guaranteed days of aircraft availability, lower billable flight hour minimums, fewer peak travel days, and more.

Luxury and Unlimited Opportunities

Being a Diamond member transcends the ordinary to provide you with an unparalleled experience. All VIP member benefits are yours, with exceptional additions. Attend an exclusive event every month, where gastronomy meets top-notch networking opportunities. Showcase your projects to investors at each event, strengthening your professional relationships. Additionally, enjoy a special offer on a luxurious trip once a year, creating unforgettable memories.

Stactif Business Club

Gain even more value and opportunities by joining our business club


The Diamond Member also connects you to our prestigious "Stactif Business Club", a community of like-minded investors. This connection opens doors to exclusive business opportunities. The exceptional experience we offer is unmatched, and the price of this elite membership is 12.000€ for the first year, followed by 10.000€ in subsequent years.

Choose Exclusivity, Choose Grandeur

By joining our exclusive circle of VIP and Diamond Members, you choose to invest in a life full of opportunities and refinement. Don't miss the chance to elevate your experiences and build lasting relationships. Become a VIP or Diamond member now and embark on your journey towards a life of opulence and success.

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